Géométrie numérique GBIN8U12

Spring 2024 TP M1 Info Mondays 09h45 – 11h15 F212, UFR IM²AG


This page is dedicated to the practical part of the course Géométrie Numérique. Lectures are given by Aymen Merrouche


A python codebase is available on gricad gitlab. You are not obliged to use the codebase. If you're not a fan of python, feel free to use your favorite language.



You can either work alone or in a pair. After each TP, you are required to submit your code and a pdf report with comments and images. The more images the better!

Deadline for each submission is usually the following TP. Please note that late submissions will be penalized by scoring less points.

Every once in a while, there will be a bonus assignement which can get you some extra points.

Evaluation criteria

Your work will score more points if you
  • have a working code;
  • experiment with all datasets;
  • experiment with different parameters;
  • make lots of images;
  • document everything in your report;
  • submit before the deadline.

General rules for submissions

  • Submissions are done via the Chamilo UGA portal . GeoNum Unit.
  • Go to "Travaux/TPXX" and submit code+report with a file named TPxx_LastName1_LastName2.zip
  • For "binomes", do not forget to share the TP with your colleague (per email, usb key, ...)
  • If you encounter any problem, please email aymen.merrouche@inria.fr